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What Are the Duties of a Painting Contractor?

painting contractor will usually find work or run their own painting company in various different ways. However, on a smaller scale, this type of contractor can be responsible for interior and exterior painting, and could also provide a number of other, related services too. This can range from cleaning and preparing surfaces for painting, wallpaper hanging, and some flooring services like varnishing or staining.

A paint contractor sometimes works their way up to more stable employment, usually after they have gone through a period of apprenticeships. Sometimes referred to as a painter, a paint contractor can work for others, or could run their own small business. Major construction companies which oversee various different parts of a construction project could hire painters to work on their sites.

A painting contractor could work as an independent painter, starting such a company can generally be quite simple, so long as they have all the necessary skills needed. These skills can be obtained via a structured apprentice program, or can be learned whilst working for other more experienced painters. Generally, such a contractor will complete the work that involves painting, such as finishing walls, ceilings, and floors in commercial or residential settings.

A painter could provide numerous different services, or only specialize in one, it will all depend on their ability and personal preference. Amongst the different painting options, the most common is painting the exterior and interior of a building, prepping surfaces, hanging wallpaper, and floor refinishing. A contractor will prepare a surface by cleaning and removing any old paint or wallpaper, this is usually done by using cleaners and scrapers.

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